Toast time – time for toast

The simple yet satisfying delight of Vegemite on toast. An Aussie classic which never fails to impress.
The simple yet satisfying delight of Vegemite on toast. An Aussie classic which never fails to disappoint.

So this morning when I dropped my little mate off at day care one of the fabulous carers and I got talking about toast toppings – as you do – and it inspired me to post about it.

Toast toppings can be very personal and each one of us has a topping close to our heart. They can range from the plain and simple to OMG why would you do that!

Toast is easy. Place your favourite bread into a toaster on your preferred setting, wait until it pops out then apply your favourite topping. Done.

Admittedly I never used to eat much toast and I still only have it 2-3 times a week maximum but when I do I make sure it’s decent bread – I’m currently using sprouted spelt – and the topping is going to satisfy me and keep me going for at least a couple of hours.

The following list contains a few of my favourite toast toppers but I’d love to know what you like to pop on your slice of warm bread in the morning/afternoon/night (toast is an any time food after all!) Feel free to leave a comment below 🙂

Butter – nothing beats a buttery slice of toast and it’s even better if the bread is home-made – in fact the thicker the slice the better. The butter needs to melt into the toast – you don’t want to see any globs of butter and margarine is not an acceptable substitute. In fact don’t even eat margarine – it’s made from chemicals YUCK!

Vegemite – another simple yet satisfying combination. The Vegemite needs to be evenly spread and goes on after the butter. Mmmmm. Steer clear of imitations such as Marmite and Promite. I’m not sure who they are trying to kid there. Stick to the original and the best.

Cheese and Vegemite – I mean real cheese not the Vegemite iSnack 2.0/Cheesybite or whatever the hell it’s called now. I omit the butter for this one. I like an evenly spread layer of Vegemite topped with a slice of cheddar, Edam or Gouda and then popped under the griller until the cheese melts. Oh deeeeeeeelicious!

Cheese, Vegemite and avocado – Say what?! I hear you exclaim. Don’t knock it until you try it. Layer avocado, Vegemite then your preferred slice of cheese and once again pop it under the griller until the cheese melts. I started eating this when I was pregnant and it’s fan-freaking-tastic.

Banana – Another toast topper I became obsessed with when I was pregnant. I ate this every day. Every. Day. No butter needed just toast your bread, mash up your nana and enjoy. Tastes even better with a sprinkle of cinnamon.

Banana and honey – Same as above but swirl some honey onto the banana. I enjoy this every Saturday morning as my pre-run fuel or before a race. It is delicious and gives me the energy I need to hit the big kms.

Banana, PB and honey – Spread some 100% natural peanut butter onto your toast, followed by mashed banana and a swirl of honey. So good.

PB and honey/jam – Slap on some peanut butter then top it with either honey or jam. Berry jams work the best. Not the healthiest start to the day because sugar but another one that hits the spot before a long run.

Avocado and tomato –  Honestly avocado goes well with anything and everything. Spread a little or a lot of the avo onto your toast and top with slices of tomato. Lots of cracked black pepper makes it even better!

Avocado, tomato and cheese – Doesn’t cheese make everything taste so much better? Same as above but add a slice of your favourite cheese and place under the griller until the cheese melts. Divine.

Baked beans, chilli and cheese –  You’ll need hot, buttery toast for this which you’ll then top with heated-up baked beans, chilli flakes and then some grated cheese. Not too much cheese though just a smidge. Boom – a complete meal!

Poached eggs – Well obviously this list wouldn’t be complete without the crème de la crème of toast toppings. Poach two eggs and place on to your buttery or avocado-spreaded toast. Heaven on a plate.

*If you’re wondering about the title for this post it’s what I sing to my little man when he has toast for breakfast. I make up little songs for pretty much every task!


How to poach an egg

Poached eggs with chilli on steamed greens.
Poached eggs with chilli on steamed greens.

Poached is my favourite style of egg especially when the golden yolk is cooked just perfectly and oozes out onto the delicious slightly firm white part. YUM!

Poaching eggs is an art and one that takes time to perfect. I can say with confidence that I have this method of egg cooking down pat.

What you need …

  • as many eggs as you like
  • a saucepan
  • water
  • slotted spoon/spatula

What to do …

Fill the saucepan about 3/4 full with water.

Heat the water until it’s just about to boil – you will see bubbles start to form underneath the surface.

Using the end of the slotted spoon stir the water gently so it forms a whirlpool.

Crack one egg at a time into the centre of the whirlpool.

Remove from the water with the slotted spoon once egg is cooked to your liking.


Banana pancakes

Banana pancakes with blueberries and Greek yogurt.
Banana pancakes with blueberries and Greek yogurt.

I make these at least once a week for my little boy and I. He usually gobbles his down before I’ve even finished stacking mine! They are delicious, healthy and super easy to make.  Feel free to adjust the amount of oats and milk until it is the desired pancake consistency. I like it to be reasonably thick.

What you’ll need …

  • One banana
  • Two eggs
  • 1/2 cup of oats
  • 1tsp raw cacao (optional – it gives them a chocolatey taste)
  • 1/3 cup of almond milk
  • 1tbsp coconut oil
  • 2 tbsp Greek yogurt
  • 1/2 cup berries

What to do …

Put all of the ingredients into a blender excluding the coconut oil and blend until mixture is smooth and to the desired consistency.

Heat the coconut oil in a fry pan.

Spoon the mixture into the heated pan – I prefer to make one at a time.

Once the pancake starts to bubble, flip it over until it is cooked on both sides.

Then layer pancakes onto a plate with Greek yogurt and berries.

*note* I prefer to use frozen berries which I heat in the microwave for one minute before pouring over the pancake stack like a berry sauce. You can also add protein powder or chia seeds to the mixture for extra protein.

Makes about 10 small pancakes

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